Oil Drilling Chemicals

    We supply high quality Oil drilling chemicals as below,
    1) Cenospheres
    2) Fly Ash
    3) Barytes
    4) Silica Flour
    5) Mica Flakes
    6) Bentonite
    7) Calcium Carbonate
    8) Dolomite
    9) Kaolin Powder
    10) Talc Powder
    11) Frac Sand / Slilca Sand


    What is Fly Ash

    Fly Ash is a by product of coal based thermal power station generated by the combustion of pulverisedcoal. Fly Ash is a fine, grey, amorphous powder. It is rich in silica & alumina and spherical in shape. The properties of Fly Ash may vary widely, both physically and chemically, depending upon the nature of coal, the efficiency of coal combustion process and the selection process. Therefore, it is important that when considering the use of Fly Ash to look no further than a company with the in depth technical knowledge and support to manufacture and supply a high quality product


    The process of burning coal in thermal power plants produces fly ash containing ceramic particles made largely of alumina and silica. These particles form a part of the fly ash produced in the burning process. They are produced at the high temperature of 1450 to 1700 degrees Celsius through complicated chemical and physical transformation. Cenospheres are the lighter particles that are contained within the fly ash. These are hollow, hard-shelled, ultra low density spheres, which form unique free flowing powders. Their chemical composition and structure varies considerably depending on the composition of coal that generated them.