Conveyor Belts


    We can supply of all types of Fabric ply and Steel Cord Conveyor Belts used in every type ofapplication and industry

    such as Iron-Ore Pelletizing factories, Aluminium factories, Fertilizer companies, Food Processing Industries, and also

    aggregate Crushers and limestone Crusher units.Conveyors are often described as the “arteries of a bulk material handling facility”

    and therefore choosing the right type of Conveyor Belt for the right type of application is of paramount importance to us.

    We guarantee to deliver the best Conveyor Belt at the most cost effective price every time. Manufacturer’s quality reports

    backed by Third Party inspection reports are a standard for every Conveyor Belt we deliver to ensure strict adherence to

    International CEMA Standards.We supply the following types of Conveyor Belts;

    1. Fabric ply
    2. Steel Cord
    3. Heat-Resistant
    4. Flexowall
    5. Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
    6. PVC
    7. Weigh-feeder
    8. Endless belt
    9. Profiled Belt such as Chevron, Fishbone & Multi-profile
    10. Pipe Conveyors
    11. Bucket Elevator Belts