Conveyor Belts Structure & Accessories


    Conveyor Belt Structures

    Designing a Conveyor Belt system is as much an art as it is a science and a well designed and well fabricated conveying system ensures exponential increases in the life of the Conveyor Belt, and all supporting accessories. We take up Turn Key projects for supply of complete Conveyor Belt structures in accordance toCEMA Standards and the specifications and requirements of the client.


    Conveyor Accessories

    Besides the Conveyor Belt itself, there are a variety of Conveyor Accessories that make up the Conveying system and each component plays a vital role to ensure smooth and environmentally friendly Conveying of various types of materials. All Conveyor Accessories are ensured to meet International CEMA Standards through strict quality control and third party inspection.

    We supply;

    1. Conveyor Rollers
    2. Conveyor Pulleys
    3. Pulley Lagging Rubber Sheets
    4. Scrappers & Belt Cleaning Systems
    5. Impact Rollers
    6. Impact Beds
    7. Cover-hoods
    8. Side Skirt Rubber
    9. Bucket Elevator Bolts
    10. Wear Resistant & Heat Resistant Rubber Sheets
    11. Conveyor Belt fasteners
    12. Conveyor Belt Lacing
    13. Super-Screw Repair Kit
    14. Cold Vulcanizing Rubber material
    15. Hot Vulcanizing Rubber material
    16. Vulcanizing Tools & Accessories